Bogey Hole – Newcastle

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Constructed by convicts in around 1820, the Bogey Hole was originally intended for Commandant Morisset’s personal use.

Morisset was the Commandant of Newcastle from 1819 until 1822 (a year before the last convicts were removed from the area) and it was he who ordered the hapless convicts under his jurisdiction to get digging. This amazing spot was cut into bare rock by the prisoners to create a bathing spot with a difference. Nearly 200 years later, you can benefit from their extraordinary efforts by lounging in the water as wild waves crash over the edge right in front of you.

Thanks to Morisset’s involvement, the spot was originally known as the Commandant’s Baths. It was later dubbed the Bogey Hole, which has nothing to do with scary characters hiding under your bed, but actually references the Indigenous word that means ‘to bathe’.

Understandably, it remains a very popular spot today, especially with Novocastrians who like to cool off on a hot day, but don’t enjoy getting sand in places it’s not supposed to go.

Words: Madeleine Swain


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