Echo Point Lookout

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Breathe in deeply and close your eyes…… now exhale slowly and open your eyes to one of the most stunning vistas in Australia. From Echo Point, you can feast your eyes on panoramic views of the Southern Blue Mountains, the Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness and, of course, the world famous Three Sisters rock formation.

From the precinct, there are a multitude of bush walks available. You could choose to just amble down the Three Sisters Walk. Or, if you’re feeling ready for a bit more of a challenge, why not take the Giant Stairway – 980 steps down to the valley floor? Just remember, what goes down, probably has to come up again… Unless, of course, you take the Scenic Railway, which isn’t cheating at all. Honest!

Along the way, plaques explain the Aboriginal heritage of the site and an accredited Visitor Centre will fill you in on any questions you may have.

Words: Madeleine Swain


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