Grand Canyon Walking Track

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“The best half-day you can spend on your feet in the Blue Mountains.”

This is how the video on sums up the myriad pleasures of the Grand Canyon Walking Track in the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park – a track created over 100 years ago by community members intent on discovering the region’s most beautiful spots and then making those spots accessible to everyone else.

The track goes up and down steep inclines, along ledges and even through a tunnel at one spot. As you walk along, you can marvel at the magnificent towering eucalypts, drink in the heart-stirring views and think a while on the solid stone blocks beneath your feet. You may even want to send a quiet thank you back through the decades to those thoughtful and indefatigable forebears who lugged them all the way cross-country and then laid them.

Words: Madeleine Swain


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