Sydney Cricket Ground

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Hear the roar of the crowd, feel the excitement ripple through the stadium… welcome to the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).

The SCG and Allianz Stadium is Sydney’s home of sport and hosts a variety of different sports including cricket, football, Australian Football League, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Throughout its long history the venue has hosted both local and international sporting stars and has seen many feats of physical power, endurance and heroic triumph.

The SCG’s roots begin in the 19th century when, in 1851, Colonel Henry Bloomfield, commander of the 11th Regiment and stationed at Victoria Barracks, applied to the Colonel Secretary’s Office to use the sandy stretch of scrubland to the south for his soldiers. Granted permission, the soldiers cleared and cultivated 25 acres of bush into a military garden and cricket ground.


From these endeavours, the SCG has since become one of the world’s great sports stadia, and owes its continued relevance to more than 160 years of cultivation and construction.

The vibrant history of the ground makes for a fascinating story, which eventuated in the establishment of the SCG Museum. Brimming with memorabilia and epic sporting tales, the museum hosts a series of exhibitions throughout the year, among them The Ashes at the SCG, India in Australia: a great rivalry and 100 years of rugby league at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The ground also runs walking tours for visitors and sports enthusiasts to learn the deeper history of the venue. The SCG Experience is a dynamic behind-the-scenes tour through the historic Sydney Cricket Ground, Allianz Stadium and SCG Museum. Sit in the dressing rooms where sports legends have prepared for their finest moments and visit the hallowed turf where greats like Don Bradman and Steve Waugh have taken their place in sporting history.

Every week brings new and exciting events to the SCG and Allianz Stadium, from nail-biting AFL matches to thrill-inducing rugby games, and summertime days at the cricket. Everyone from sports-mad enthusiasts to those who simply like an exciting atmosphere and a good time with friends will enjoy their visit to the SCG and Allianz Stadium.



Moore Park, Sydney 2021
Tel: +612 9360 6601


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