Sydney Harbour Tall Ships

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It has been said that the sailing ship is humankind’s most beautiful creation and to see a ship under sail upon the ocean is a breathtaking sight. Step back in time with Sydney Harbour Tall Ships and experience these classic and historic ships.

An experience aboard a Tall Ship evokes all of the senses. You’ll smell the fragrance of her tar and timbers, taste the salt in the air, feel the deck underfoot as you set sail and hear the creak of her rigging, a boisterous song from the crew or simply the peace and quiet as the ship glides silently through the water.


This small business is owned by a local family with a passion for Australia’s maritime history and vessels of a past era. While so many of these historic ships have been lost to time, rot or overseas sales, the company is determined to keep the history and the joy of sailing the beautiful ships alive – and they invite you to share this unique and incredible experience.

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